What is 710Girls.net?

710Girls® is a marijuana concentrate modeling program designed to bring awareness about the concentrate industry.

It allows models an extremely easy way to start earning credits Earn Credits. These credits are redeemable in our store for various 710girls gear and sponsorship's.

We take special care of our models in that we allow our models to earn gear rather then just buy it.

710Girls offers unseen levels of efficiency when you need a full-featured, working site to use as a home base to jump off your modeling/marketing material.

The project is operated by Kush Kustoms - a grass roots company that oversees the platform development and coordinates third party efforts.

710Girls/My420Girls has been around since 2009 and never stopped active development. Join the movement!

Is it for me?

710Girls is used for a wide range of reasons starting from a modeling program and media marketing services but also an entire social media website with new users joining daily.

Whether you are a company looking to streamline your work for client projects with our models; an individual just admiring the industry; or a model planning to set up a destination for your customers - 710Girls is for you.

Open source values

With 710Girls we are all about open source values. Anyone can use this website, and anyone's help is much appreciated.

Where we leave our models and members can pick up. You can find new ways to use our social network and credit system. This is the advantage of 710Girls, and this is why 710Girls is best.

Model features

  • Earn credits for completing assignments
  • Earn credits from Virtual Gifts
  • Cash out for 710 Girls Swag
  • Earn sponsorship's
  • Access to Photos, Videos, Blogs, Forums, Chat rooms;
  • Privacy and profile customization;
  • Start and manage Crowdfunding Projects
  • ... and much much more. Too much to list here but check out Earn Credits.

Supporter features

  • Comment, tag, rate any kind of content;
  • Privacy and profile customization;
  • Compliment your favorite 710Girl with Virtual Gifts;
  • Access to all Photos unless in a private album Blogs
  • Access to all Videos
  • Access to all Blogs Blogs
  • Access to our forum where you can get all the info on concentrates you need;
  • Access to our Video ChatRooms.

Company features

  • Advertising Space. We offer many places on our website to place your company's ad.
  • Sponsorship's. You can create a sponsor ship using site credits and creating a company sponsored listing in our earn credits section.
  • For Photographers: We have structured our forum by location for you to list your services. If your location is not on the list message an admin to have it added.

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